We’re delighted to announce the new SPAR de Biesbosch supermarket opened its doors on Friday 17 May, just a minute’s walk from our marina. Open every day from 8am to 6pm, and until 8pm in the high season.

After years of planning and weeks of hard work in the build, we can now proudly show you our new store. “It’s so great! This is what we have been looking forward to for a long time," said Renate Ilmer, Director of Jachthaven Biesbosch.

With thanks to everyone who has contributed, and with special thanks to the Pakgro team and The Box System.

The new SPAR supermarket will not only fulfil marina customer demand, but also provide a modern, high-quality shopping environment for the people of Drimmelen.

In the new, well-arranged supermarket, you'll find a wide selection of fresh groceries, fresh orange juice, fresh coffee to takeaway, and freshly baked bread and other savoury treats, alongside a complete assortment of books, toys, accessories, clothing, beach gear and swimwear.

The supermarket has been built with the same modular system, The Box System, as the two brokerage firms on site at the marina. It is made up, in total, of 48 boxes. “It’s a clever system. If we ever have to expand, there’s still room to add a few more boxes.”, explains Koen van Grootel, the owner of Pakgro group.

Currently, it is planned for the store to be open 7 days a week through the summer season, to close at the beginning of November and re-open in March 2020. But if everything goes well, the store will remain open throughout the year.     

Come and take a look!

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