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Discover a new cruising area in the Biesbosch National Park


OudenboschIt may be hard to believe, but the small town of Oudenbosch once had huge aspirations. 

Over 150 years ago, Pastor Willem Hellemons presided over the small parish and, as a lover of religious art, he wished to replicate part of the Vatican City in his small Dutch parish. During his education in Rome, Hellemons would spend much of his time wandering through St. Peter's Cathedral and, shortly after returning to Oudenbosch, he declared that the Cathedral should be replicated.

The surprising plan was supported by the Bishop of Breda who authorised the building and architect Pierre Cuypers was appointed to lead the construction having previously designed the Rijksmuseum and the Central Station of Amsterdam. By 1880, the replica of St. Peter's Cathedral was complete at 1/16th of the size and duly named the Oudenbosch Basilica.

Oudenbosch Interieur

Travelling to Oudenbosch

The town of Oudenbosh can be reached by sailing east from Jachthaven Biesbosch and heading south on the River de Mark passing Geertuidenberg and Oosterhout. Alternatively, Oudenbosch can be reached via the Waterways Hollands Diep and the Dintel passing through Willemstad and Dintelmond. 

Check the Waterways Chart or ask our Haven Masters for directions.

Visiting hours

Oudenbosch Silhouet

You can find the Basilique H.H. Agatha and Barbara on Markt 57 in Oudenbosch.

Opening Hours:

      • Easter - 1st October, 9.00-12.00 and 1.00-4.30
      • During the Dutch Carnival period and on Easter Saturday the church is closed. 
      • Sunday church services at 11.00