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At home with the beaver in the Biesbosch

The Beaver

The beaver is the largest and most intelligent rodent in Europe. The beaver is an excellent builder and builds dams that are true of modern day architectural ingenuity.

The beaver had remarkably soft and thick fur. The beaver was hunted for its fur to make coats and hats and this led to the beaver's extinction in the Netherlands.

Around 25 years ago, the beaver got reintroduced back into the Biesbosch. It took well to its new surroundings and flourished. The beaver can now be spotted during a boat trip around the Biesbosch, or whilst out on an evening walk around Drimmelen. The Forestry Commission also offers a unique opportunity to follow the Beavers in their natural habitat, through the webcam. In 2013, the birth of two young beavers was watched live.

Again this year, the beavers can be watched live via the webcam.

Watch the video to see the young beavers playing and gnawing away.