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A Unique Location

Jachthaven Biesbosch has a unique location on the wide Amer River, positioned on the edge of the beautiful Biesbosch National Park.

A world of sailing pleasure is open to you from the Jachthaven. From our floating petrol station in the middle of the marina, the fast sailing areas and water ski areas on the Amer River are within easy reach.

Or are you looking for a somewhat calmer sailing experience? The Biesbosch, directly on the other side of the River, offers a green oasis. Here, you can enjoy all the peace and beauty that the Biesbosch offers you. The Brabant and Zeeland waters are easily accessible for those who want to explore a little further.

Biesbosch Boot

Biesbosch National Park

The expansive area of the Biesbosch National Park includes creeks, wetlands, waterways and rivers covering over 35sq/miles. The Park is one of the largest and most valuable natural areas in the Netherlands, and one of the few remaining freshwater tidal areas in Europe.

Flanked by tall willow forests , the lushious colour of the landscape often resembles a jungle. The name 'Biesbosch' is derived a rush plant that used to thrive in inter-tidal waters in the area, with a meaning "a forest of rushes". These rushes were overtaken by reed beds but the vibrant greenery of the park remains true.

The abundance of flora and fauna includes beavers and sea eagles, making the Biesbosch a haven for visitors from the Netherlands and overseas. The quiet waters offer peaceful sailing for keen boaters with anchorages and moorings plentiful allowing you to explore and discover the Biesbosch at your own pace.

Biesbosch Bever

The Biesbosch Beaver

After being introduced to the area in the late-1980s, the beaver population have thrived with the peaceful wetlands proving a natural habitat for their dams and burrows. Now the figurehead for the national park, it is estimated there is in excess of 300 resident beavers. Catching a glimpse of these illusive creatures is one of the many reasons why the park is so popular for visitors.

With minimal tidal movement, the area has become also become home to other mammals including roe deer, foxes and root voles. 

Trails running through the forests allow for easy exploration ashore where you'll discover a wide range of flora and fauna including a vast array of birds. Sea Eagles, Ospreys, singing Bluethroats and Kingfishers are just some of the rare birds known to nest in the Biesbosch which is an internationally recognised 'Wetland', a special area for breeding and migratory birds.

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The Sea Eagle

The Sea Eagle had not been found in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages, but a decade ago, it decided to come back. A pair of Sea Eagles were spotted in the Biesbosch and, shortly after, the pair yielded chicks and a Sea Eagle population was formed.

Sea Eagles remain faithful companions their whole life, and like storks, often return to the same nest. One nest, in the Noordwaard part of the National Park, is over 2m tall and sits in a willow tree at over 18m high. 

Wanting to spot one? Here are some top tips:

  • Be ready at dawn or dusk when they're most active
  • Look up to the highest trees where they often wait and look for prey
  • Watch the behaviour of other birds in the area - most birds are scared of the sea eagle
  • Stay quiet, stick the pedestrian paths, and bring your binoculars!

Discover the 'Land of Water'

Biesbosch Museum Eiland

Discover More

Would you like to discover more about this area?

Then sail to the Biesbosch Museum Island at Werkendam. The museum's garden roofs are embedded into the environment providing great views over the surrounding area.  The beautiful ultramodern museum is definitely worth a visit, providing a modern, environmentally-friendly interpretation of the past, present and future of the Biesbosch.

Biesbosch Watermap

Waterways Map

Start planning your route through the waterways of the Biesbosch

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Marina Map

Whether you're visiting for the first time, or you just need a reminder of where everything is, download our marina map to find your way around the Jachthaven.