08 Oct 2023 - 08 Oct 2023
Najaars Race Zeilen 2023 (1)

Everyone is invited to join:

- The novice sailor who wants to experience a race for once
- The more advanced sailor in sword or open keel boat
- Winter sailors are more than welcome to come and practice racing with their crew

The races start at 14:00h, finishing time 17:00h. Afterwards, there will be the prize-giving ceremony in the Foksel.

If you have any questions:
Send an email to zeilen@wsvbiesbosch.nl

You can register via the QR code or via the registration form provided. Registration forms are also available at the harbour master's office. If registering via form, please email this to zeilen@wsvbiesbosch.nl or hand it in at the associations clubhouse Foksel.

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