Marking the brigade's 5 year anniversary, BNB Stem news undertook a profile of the Drimmelen fire crew and their super-fast vessel, the Jetfire 28.

The wetland area around Drimmelen and the Biesbosch is notoriously difficult to navigate through at speeds in case of an emergengy. Hence the special fire boat that can be used to deal with fire, missing persons and on-water emergencies.

Corné Maas is the team leader at the fire station in Made and he was involved in the design and construction of this one-of-a-kind vessel: "The uniqueness of this boat is not just its speed... There's a lot of room onboard - just think of all the luggage we need. A fire pump, stretcher, hoses plus six crew members. There's enough space for all of this and any victims, and the boat can still travel at 60kph."

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(c) original article -  Cobine van der Louw  16-02-18 -

Photo: Casper van Aggelen / Pix4Profs


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