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Discover a new cruising area in the Biesbosch National Park

The Sea Eagle

The Sea Eagle had not been found in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages, but a few years ago, it decided to come back. A couple of Sea Eagles decided to make the Biesbosch the ultimate delivery room, and in 2012, after a little more than a month's incubation, yielded chicks.

Sea Eagles remain faithful companions their whole life, and like storks, often return to the same nest. The nest, like the birds themselves, are huge in size. With a diameter of 1.5 meters, picking out the right tree proves to be quite a task.

The nest in the Biesbosch towers at 18 meters high. It sits in the fork of a black ash. After three years, and with the construction of an additional floor at each breeding attempt, the nest now measures two meters tall.

In 2014 another 2 chicks were born. Biesbosch Ranger, Thomas van der Eb and his colleagues from the Forestry commission, scaled the tree in a daredevil act, to ring the chicks before they were able to fly the nest. During the stunt, Mum and Dad flew nervously above, watching events suspiciously!

But, it's not only the adult version of the Sea Eagle that impresses.

The fledging Sea Eagle chicks, at only 39 weeks old are already the size and weight of a large house cat and despite the down from the nest, look clean in appearance.

Geringde Zeearend

(photo: Thomas van der Es)

The new parents spend the whole day flying to and fro, delivery food for the young. From the remnants found in the nest, it looks like they are getting a varied menu too. The remains of muskrat, ducks, fish (zander) and oh no..........a whole regiment of homing pigeons!

When out and about sailing this summer, make sure you keep your eyes open and look up. Who knows who might be flying over the top of you. You really wouldn't want to miss this spectacular sight.