Welcome to CamperPark Jachthaven Biesbosch. We wish you a pleasant stay.

To continue to use all facilities at the motorhome park in a safe and pleasant way, we ask all users to please observe the following rules.

Article 1   Campers Only

CamperPark Jachthaven Biesbosch is exclusively intended for stays with a motorhome/campervan without a trailer. Passenger cars, caravans, tents or folding trailers are not allowed.

Article 2   Checking in and out

CamperPark Jachthaven Biesbosch offers fully automatic drive-in access. You can check in and pay online using your registered vehicle licence plate to open the barrier automatically. On the day of departure, you have until 11 a.m. to depart. After this time, a new overnight stay starts that must be paid for at the Marina Office.

Article 3   Access and payment

Only one motorhome/campervan per booking has access to the CamperPark. In case of an emergency, it is possible at all times to leave the CamperPark with the motorhome by means of your registered vehicle licence plate or access code.

During the period you have paid, you have unlimited access to the park and you can exit and re-enter in the meantime. Refunds are not possible on departure before the end of the booked period.

Article 4   Refund

If you have to cancel your booking, you must send a request by e-mail to info@jachthavenbiesbosch.nl. We will then process your request. Existing bookings cannot be moved to future dates.

If you cancel the booking at least 3 weeks before the start, you are entitled to a 100% refund.

If you cancel the booking at least 1 week before the start, you are entitled to a 50% refund.

If you cancel the booking less than 1 week before the start, you are not entitled to a refund.

If you leave the Camperpark early, no refund is possible.

Article 5   Dogs 

Dogs are very welcome at the CamperPark. We would like to see them on a leash at all times.

Waste should be picked up and placed in the trash. Poop bags are offered in various places on the marina grounds.

Article 6   House rules 

Everyone who stays at the CamperPark or the marina is obliged to observe order, tranquility and cleanliness and to observe safety. The following is not allowed in the CamperPark:

  1. To cause nuisance through noise, stench, parking, pollution or otherwise in any form whatsoever.
  2. Letting (pet) animals run free and do their needs.
  3. Discharge waste water or the chemical toilet on or near the motorhome. Use the appropriate facilities.
  4. To use mats, tarps or carpets on the grass.
  5. Running engines other than to move the motorhome.
  6. To take motorhome pitches elsewhere than agreed.
  7. Set up a tent.
  8. Open fire (including barbecuing) to be used outside the designated barbecue areas in the Plons & Ploeter Playground.
  9. To rent out the motorhome pitch that you have rented to third parties.
  10. Offer the vehicle or goods for sale or hire.

Article 7   Liability

Jachthaven Biesbosch B.V. and the marina team will never be liable for damage of any nature or by whatever cause to persons or goods, or for loss or theft of any goods, unless this is the result of an action attributable to him and/or his shortcoming.

Article 8   Other

For situations not covered by these regulations, please liaise with the management of Jachthaven Biesbosch B.V. and/or a person designated by the management, who is authorized to make decisions and/or act.

On behalf of the entire Jachthaven Biesbosch team, we wish you a pleasant stay at our harbour!