Hotelkamer Hotel De Biesbosch © Pix4Profs Joyce van Belkom

Painters, plasterers, electricians and other professionals walk in and out of the new building on Marinaweg. A lot still needs to be done before all sixteen rooms can be rented out. However, last Friday the first guests already slept in the hotel.

“A customer who wanted to rent a sloop from us asked if we knew of a place where he could spend the night,” says Verhagen. “I said I did have a room for him, but we're still working on the building. He didn't think that was a problem. Neither do I, because you have to welcome your first guests at some point.”


Moreover, Verhagen is already proud of his family hotel. “We started building in November. Look at where we are five months later. “Where there used to be a lawn, there is now a modern two-storey building. “We build modularly and circularly. The hotel consists of units that have been used before. I think these were temporary classrooms at first.”

“Next winter, early 2023, we want to start construction on the second complex of our hotel.”

- Brenner Verhagen, owner of Hotel De Biesbosch

There is still a lot of work to be done on the first floor, but the hotel rooms on the ground floor are as good as finished. It comes down to the details, such as connecting the television or a final sealant in the bathroom. Verhagen seems to have it all under control. “We do this without a contractor, we have looked for the right professionals for this job ourselves and have listened carefully to them. We also had a lot of help from other people.”

Photo: Hotel room at Hotel De Biesbosch © Pix4Profs/Joyce van Belkom

Het Nieuwe Hotel De Biesbosch © Pix4Profs Joyce van Belkom

Apartments with kitchens

Verhagen has a good feeling about the building process, but not everything went well. “Building costs have skyrocketed. Especially the shortages of materials and their prices. The ironwork has become 40 percent more expensive in the meantime.”

In addition, Verhagen had to wait months for the beds and kitchen appliances, which were only delivered last week.

The eleven rooms on the ground floor are now all equipped with a complete kitchen. “Our hotel rooms are actually mini-holiday houses and that gives the guests more freedom. For example, they don't have to be in a breakfast room at a certain time. Guests can do their shopping at the local supermarket at the marina or order a breakfast package from us. You can have lunch and dinner at your own choice of catering establishments around the port.”

“Next winter, early 2023, we want to start construction on the second complex of our hotel”

The adjacent catering business De Sloep, also owned by Verhagen, serves as a reception and foyer. There is still space between the two buildings, but as far as Verhagen is concerned, that will not stay that way for long. “Next winter, early 2023, we want to start construction on the second complex of our hotel.”

The intention is for Hotel De Biesbosch to consist of three buildings within a few years, forty rooms in total. "Almost all rooms have a view of the marina and there is always something to see or experience there," promises Verhagen.

Photo: The new Hotel De Biesbosch. The greenery will be laid out in the coming weeks. © Pix4Profs/Joyce van Belkom

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